Thrashing, lightening, booming noise, fear, tears, swirling, and headaches will not last forever. Trusting in God throughout life’s adversities will make the negative aspects of a situation disappear. Your trust in him will bring peace although it may not be easy for most like it is others. Believing that God is in control and he … More Storms

Being Normal

Ever thought to yourself what exactly is normal ? Is it following the crowd or is it being who you really are? Being “normal”  is overrated, normal is boring, it is not unique it is just a copy of everyone else.  Normal is defined as conforming to the standard or the common type; usual; not abnormal; … More Being Normal

Money thought.

Life is not all about fancy cars and big mansions those things are nice but there’s more to life then money. Being happy and feeling loved is the most precious gifts anyone can have. Family is more important than all the material things in the world. Money doesn’t solve all your problems of anything the … More Money thought.

A smile

A smile can brighten someone’s day right?. But what if when you smile it is not because you are happy, what if your smile is painted on like a mask to hide the truth you don’t want others to see. A lot of people use their smile to hide their pain and inner feelings. It takes someone who is willing to break all … More A smile


Don’t let others determine your happiness when you know God is there with you every step of the way. Just smile and work harder to reach your goals that God has for you in life. Trust and believe in him there’s always a way.