Speak with no words

Photographs. Drawings. Paintings. All have stories either told or untold or have a meaning to the artist or the person viewing it. Every visual art has a meaning big or small.


Being Normal

Ever thought to yourself what exactly is normal ? Is it following the crowd or is it being who you really are? Being “normal”  is overrated, normal is boring, it is not unique it is just a copy of everyone else.  Normal is defined as conforming to the standard or the common type; usual; not abnormal; regular; natural. The answer to the question would be following the crowd basically. Are people afraid to be themselves because they wont be considered normal? If everyone was normal the world would be boring, there wouldn’t be any type of adventure. Thinking and doing things outside of the box can be challenging, exciting, and educational. Why be normal when you can be yourself?

Money thought.

Life is not all about fancy cars and big mansions those things are nice but there’s more to life then money. Being happy and feeling loved is the most precious gifts anyone can have. Family is more important than all the material things in the world. Money doesn’t solve all your problems of anything the beholder can make their own problems worse when it comes to money. Blaming others for downfalls is not going to bring happiness either. Being yourself and having faith is the only thing that can bring true happiness. When your happy with yourself there’s no amount of money that can take it away.

A smile

A smile can brighten someone’s day right?. But what if when you smile it is not because you are happy, what if your smile is painted on like a mask to hide the truth you don’t want others to see. A lot of people use their smile to hide their pain and inner feelings. It takes someone who is willing to break all boundaries that you have to find out what’s really behind your smile. Every broken smile has a past but your also have a future. It’s all up to you if they want to stay with your broken smile in the past or move on to a smile that can brighten your day and make one step to your future.!!!


Don’t let others determine your happiness when you know God is there with you every step of the way. Just smile and work harder to reach your goals that God has for you in life. Trust and believe in him there’s always a way.

Think before you Act.

This message goes out to all the people whoever felt alone, thought of suicide. I know being a teen is hard being one myself I know we have alot of trials and tribulations we go through. But I want you all to know that your not alone your not the only person in this world who feels the way you do there’s alot of people across the world with the same feelings depression, alone, ugly, fat, even people who’ve been bullied. But taking your life thinking the pain will go away well it won’t there will always be pain think about the people that love you they would have to go through the pain of living without you. Your not the only person who will be affected but others around you will be effected as well.