Seventeen year old me

​Girl Wait, he does not love you he will only take your heart and throw it down the stairs to be stepped in by the people walking by
Girl wait, your to young to let go of your innocence so easily, your too precious to be treated like a in the closet hoe, a silent night freak, to precious to be just a body party wrapped in one
Girl wait, if he truly loved you he would wait don’t beat yourself up for calling for his charming words full of lies

Girl wait, your only seventeen car from your prime and you don’t know what THAT kind of LOVE is yet

Girl wait, once it’s gone there’s no coming back, no restart button, no let’s start over, no rewind o,my the present and future

Girl wait, think of how you will feel after, think if he will continue to degrade you to nothing, think about being worth more than some night life fun, a slut, hoe, open door way, a too inviting female, a release from reality, a sideline, backup plan a last resort

Girl wait, you are more than your outer appearance you are amart, beautiful, a jewel made by the finest jeweler, engraved with such a uniqueness no one can duplicate

Girl wait, you are to wonderful to stoop so low, more valuable than you will ever know, created to be treated with RESPECT



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