Comparison can turn someone into their own enemy……….trust me I know what comparison can do to you. There was this girl who loved anything creative she loved art she wanted to be the next Picasso until her friend drew something bigger and better. The girl dream faded away. She wanted to be the next Honey … More Comparison

Just a thought.

This journey called life begins with you. You are the key to your success but you have to have faith and put in work to succeed. Thank God for the things you’ve been through and the things you are going through because you know it made you the person you are today and it’s going … More Just a thought.

Nursing School.

Hey guys…… So Tuesday starts the second semester of nursing school, I am nervous and excited all at the same time. I know it is going to take alot of work, time and dedication. Nursing school is not easy at all, it requires a lot of time management I learned that the hard way my … More Nursing School.


People say everything happens for a reason. Every mistake should be a lesson learned not a regret, trusting that GOD has me has been one of the most troubling things to handle. when I feel like I’ve fAILED him I have to remind myself that he loves me and will always guide me through my … More Growth

Palmas en La Nieve

Palm Trees in the snow is spanish speaking based movie that is interesting and a culture eye opener with powerful and emotional scenes. While I was watching this movie I learned it would be easier if I knew spanish fluently but since I’m not fluent in the language I actually paid close attention to the … More Palmas en La Nieve


While I was at work I had a customer come sit in my section with his family and friends and his appearance wasn’t what I expected and it frightened me and I jumped because I wasn’t ready for the unexpected. I was very apologetic after I realized what I had done. By the grace of … More BE READY