Speak with no words

Photographs. Drawings. Paintings. All have stories either told or untold or have a meaning to the artist or the person viewing it. Every visual art has a meaning big or small.


Seventeen year old me

​Girl Wait, he does not love you he will only take your heart and throw it down the stairs to be stepped in by the people walking by
Girl wait, your to young to let go of your innocence so easily, your too precious to be treated like a in the closet hoe, a silent night freak, to precious to be just a body party wrapped in one
Girl wait, if he truly loved you he would wait don’t beat yourself up for calling for his charming words full of lies

Girl wait, your only seventeen car from your prime and you don’t know what THAT kind of LOVE is yet

Girl wait, once it’s gone there’s no coming back, no restart button, no let’s start over, no rewind o,my the present and future

Girl wait, think of how you will feel after, think if he will continue to degrade you to nothing, think about being worth more than some night life fun, a slut, hoe, open door way, a too inviting female, a release from reality, a sideline, backup plan a last resort

Girl wait, you are more than your outer appearance you are amart, beautiful, a jewel made by the finest jeweler, engraved with such a uniqueness no one can duplicate

Girl wait, you are to wonderful to stoop so low, more valuable than you will ever know, created to be treated with RESPECT



People say everything happens for a reason. Every mistake should be a lesson learned not a regret, trusting that GOD has me has been one of the most troubling things to handle. when I feel like I’ve fAILED him I have to remind myself that he loves me and will always guide me through my downfalls.

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord will all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Being a young person trying to balance school, work, and worship can be hard but I never forget who wakes me up every morning although I don’t read my bible everyday or pray for hours everyday. I know he still loves me. He`s not going to give up on me so I cannot give up on myself no matter what life throws at me.


Palmas en La Nieve

Palm Trees in the snow is spanish speaking based movie that is interesting and a culture eye opener with powerful and emotional scenes. While I was watching this movie I learned it would be easier if I knew spanish fluently but since I’m not fluent in the language I actually paid close attention to the way words were prononced and the way some words meant the same thing. Also with being a beginner the little spanish I do know helped to fill in the gaps I didn’t understand even though there was subtitles. I really understand now the meaning of when you don’t understand something you work ten times as hard to learn more about it. I enjoy watching spanish speaking movies besides learning the language you have to use the emotions and tone of voice to know how the actor is feeling if there are no subtitles.


While I was at work I had a customer come sit in my section with his family and friends and his appearance wasn’t what I expected and it frightened me and I jumped because I wasn’t ready for the unexpected. I was very apologetic after I realized what I had done. By the grace of GOD they were forgiving and nice. One of the men that accompanied the customer was very compassionate as the tears of remorse ran from my eyes. He told me not to be afraid its okay and he prayed for me. I felt so bad the rest of the night because of my reaction and I talked to my mom she asked did I apologize I told her yeah. She told me its okay and I was forgiven by them and GOD. It took a toll on me for a while even when they left and I got off work I didn’t go to sleep until late last night.

Lesson Learned: Don’t fear the unexpected just trust in GOD and his strength.  People are afraid of what they do not understand. Yesterday I learned staying humble and constantly praying is very important.







“Prayer at its highest is a two-way conversation — and for me the most important part is listening to God’s replies.”

– Frank C. Laubach


On Time

Things do not happen when we want them to. But they will eventually happen it takes faith and trusting that GOD will bring you through. Don’t get me wrong it doesn’t just take GOD doing work too you have to work for yourself too just with him taking the lead. With GOD first everything else will follow.


Thrashing, lightening, booming noise, fear, tears, swirling, and headaches will not last forever. Trusting in God throughout life’s adversities will make the negative aspects of a situation disappear. Your trust in him will bring peace although it may not be easy for most like it is others. Believing that God is in control and he knows whats best for you is the most wonderful feeling a person can feel. Life is not easy no one said it would be. Everyone has to go through trouble times to test their faith and trust in the Lord. Things may happen for a reason but if we remember that God does not put too much on us that we can not handle. Everyone is a soldier in his army of believers and the weapons used are not only physical but they are spiritual.           Trust in the Lord with all thy heart and lean not unto thy own understanding; acknowledge him in all thy ways and he shall direct thy path. (Proverbs 3:5-6)